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Сибирская кошка - достояние России

Siberian cat (Siberian cat) refers to semi-long-haired cat breeds. Siberian cat can rightly be called the national pride of Russia.

This is the first breed that domestic felinologists began to work on, and which was the first to be recognized abroad. Today, these animals are bred in many countries on almost all continents of the globe. Why did she gain such unlimited popularity?

Speaking about the advantages of the Siberian cat breed, perhaps it’s worth mentioning the external attractiveness - natural and harmonious beauty. You can not get around and the character is sociable, but unobtrusive. The simplicity of caring for these cats is also attractive. Not only for the inhabitants of our country, but also for many foreign animal lovers, she is the embodiment of a real cat with wild natural beauty and good Siberian health. From the owners of Siberian cats you can hear many amazing stories that speaks of their natural quick wits, sharp mind and good learning ability.

History of the Siberian breed cats

The ancestors of the modern Siberian cat lived in Siberia and the Far East. This breed belongs to the natural type of origin. The history of the Siberian cat begins with the history of the development of the science of felinology in Russia. In a relatively short time, scientists have created a recognizable appearance of the breed and fixed it in standards. We carried out serious breeding work to improve the phenotype, and achieved worldwide recognition of the breed.

In 1987, along with the creation of the first clubs, work on the breed began. Then the idea of ​​creating a national breed came up. Many names were offered, but decided to dwell on the "Siberian" one, and not because this cat was brought from Siberia, but rather as historically suitable.

In 1990, a new breed, the Siberian Cat, was registered.

Recognition of the Siberian breed as the leading felinological organizations:

* In 1992, the Siberian breed was recognized by WCF.

* In 1996 - the Siberian breed was recognized by TICA.

* In 1997 - the Siberian breed was recognized by FIFe.

* In 2006 - the Siberian breed was recognized by CFA.

Today it is one of the most popular and very widespread cat breeds in the world, having a lot of fans and connoisseurs.

You can read more about the history of the breed on the page "Siberians. Start."