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Siberian cats cattery Angara

On June 23, 2021, Natalia Fedorovna Sertakova passed away for a year.

It was hard to imagine a more enthusiastic and cheerful person. She stood at the origins of the Siberian breed and infected everyone around with her optimism and love for these beautiful cats. She carefully kept photos, documents and stories-everything related to the recognition and formation of Siberian cats in Russia. She was a bright and kind person. We will miss you very much, Natasha.

We weep and mourn ((( R.I.P

We Khariton Welcome to cattery of Siberian cats "Angara".Cats around me all my life. I do not remember a single day, so was not around furry (or not) friend.Sibirskie cat Angara.But seriously I started taking cats in 1997. The choice of rocks to me, probably prompted by nature itself: my homeland - the Krasnoyarsk Territory, the beautiful coast of the Siberian rivers. Hence the name of my cattery - "Angara".

Cattery has been breeding Siberians traditsionnog of wild color. Lel became the ancestor of the nursery Saint-Andre, the son of world famous Helios Onix Gloria and Princess Cecilia Seliger pair that served as a benchmark for the approval of the Siberian breed standard in one of the most conservative feline systems - FIFe.

Cattery "Angara" has registration in 3 felinological systems: WCF - Angara * RUS (RU-0165-02), FIFe - Angara-SIB * RU (BCN ARCCA No. 761), ASC - Angara * RU (SC-0050) .

Siberian cat incredibly harmonious - a sophisticated and powerful, simple and mysterious, affectionate and independent. And all this is combined at the same time. Stroll through the pages of the site and then, maybe it's fluffy Wonder Russia forever dwell in your hearts, as once lodged in my.

Natalia Sertakova
Rybinsk, Yaroslavl Region.

Cattery's news


new 1

Following the results of TOР-СAT-2019, Almaz Angara repeated the result of 2017, becoming the Best Veteran among all breeds in Russia and in the World!


new 2

At the World -Show in Belarus 10.26.2019, Rodnulya Siberian Sapphire  for Angara closed the title of World Champion!


new 3

12.05.2020 from a pair of Onyx Siberian Grace and Rodnuya Siberian Sapphire  for Angara, we were born Siberian kittens litter S-2.

Сибирская кошка

Siberian cat

Siberian cat (Siberian cat) refers to semi-long-haired cat breeds. Siberian cat can rightly be called the national pride of Russia.

This is the first breed that domestic felinologists began to work on, and which was the first to be recognized abroad. Today, these animals are bred in many countries on almost all continents of the globe. Why did she gain such unlimited popularity?

Speaking about the advantages of the Siberian cat breed, perhaps it’s worth mentioning the external attractiveness - natural and harmonious beauty. You can not get around and the character is sociable, but unobtrusive. The simplicity of caring for these cats is also attractive. Not only for the inhabitants of our country, but also for many foreign animal lovers, she is the embodiment of a real cat with wild natural beauty and good Siberian health. From the owners of Siberian cats you can hear many amazing stories that speaks of their natural quick wits, sharp mind and good learning ability.

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Khariton Angara

World champion (WCF), Supreme champion (FIFe), champion (TICA)

Khariton Angara was the pearl of the cattery, his emerald eyes could not leave anyone indifferent.

World champion (WCF), first among Siberians Supreme champion (FIFe), three-time finalist of the Pro Plan Champions Cup, Khariton continues in his famous children and grandchildren:

Alazeya Sibaris, Baron Sybaris – World champion (WCF), European champion (FIFe) , Grand champion (TICA), four-time finalist of the Proplan Champions Cup.

Metelitsa Angara , Almaz Angara - Triple WCF Master, Pearl WCF Master, World Champion (WCF), World Premior (WCF), Champion (FIFe),Champion (ASC)., GIPr (ASC), ICh (ICU), SC (TICA).

Vitoslav Silk Mask – the best kitten according to the WCF rating for 2009.

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